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Super Siphonic Flushing: Understanding The Working Principle Of Smart Toilets Flushing

2023-11-29 14:22

With the continuous advancement of technology, smart homes have become increasingly popular.  

Among them, smart toilets have become a hot topic of interest.  

Wealwell as a leading supplier in the field of smart toilets, 

utilizes the revolutionary Super Siphonic Flushing technology to provide users with a whole new level of toilet cleanliness.

Super siphonic Flushing technology

Traditional toilet cleaning methods often encounter various issues, such as incomplete cleaning and inability to isolate odors. 

The Super Siphonic Flushing technology employed by Wealwell Smart Toilet effectively solves these problems from the root. 

The cleaning process can be divided into three steps:

Remote control toilet

Step 1: Rim Cleaning. While effectively cleaning the edges of the toilet, 

Wealwell Smart Toilet generates a powerful vortex effect, ensuring thorough cleanliness.

Step 2: Powerful Bottom Jet. Building upon the first step, 

Wealwell Smart Toilet combines a strong bottom jet with flushing to create a siphon effect, swiftly removing waste.

Step 3: Rim Cleaning and Water Supplement. After completing the second step, 

Wealwell Smart Toilet performs rim cleaning while supplementing water, 

effectively isolating odors and maintaining cleanliness and comfort.

Wealwell intelligent toilet

The super siphon flushing technology of the Wealwell smart toilet not only ensures thorough cleaning, but also improves the user experience. 

Additionally, its smart features provide additional convenience to users. 

For example, users can control the toilet through gesture recognition or remotely, thereby achieving a smarter toilet experience. 

If you are interested, let's take a look at Wealwell's smart toilet.

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