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Do You Know How Many Flushing Methods There Are For Smart Toilets?

2023-11-28 15:00

With the continuous advancement of technology, smart toilets have become an indispensable part of modern sanitary ware. 

In order to improve user experience and convenience, 

do you know what flushing methods are available in smart toilets now?
(Note: The flushing function of the smart toilet may vary between different models.)

Innovative flushing methods

Flushing before drying:

The smart toilet is equipped with a drying function that automatically triggers flushing every time it is started. 

This helps eliminate lingering odors after using the toilet, ensuring a more pleasant and hygienic experience for users.

Auto flush toilet


Smart toilets incorporate an auto-flush feature that activates once the user has finished using the toilet and stands up. 

This eliminates the need for users to manually trigger the flush, enhancing convenience and hygiene.

Foot sensor flush toilet

Foot Sensor Flush:

In addition to traditional buttons and remote controls, smart toilets also offer a foot sensor flush option. 

By installing sensors at the base of the toilet, users can trigger the flush simply by lightly pressing with their foot. 

This eliminates the need to bend down or touch the buttons with hands, 

providing a more convenient and hygienic flushing experience.

Innovative flushing methods

Power off Flush:

To address the issue of being unable to flush during power outages, smart toilets feature a power failure flush design. 

They are equipped with backup batteries that ensure the toilet can still be flushed using the button located on the right side, 

even in the absence of external power supply. 

This ensures uninterrupted functionality during power interruptions.

Auto flush toilet

Remote Control Flush:

To further enhance convenience, smart toilets are equipped with remote control flush capabilities. 

Users can control the flush operation using a dedicated remote controller or a smartphone app. 

This allows users to initiate a flush before or after using the toilet without the need for physical contact, 

catering to individual preferences.

Foot sensor flush toilet

Automatic recognition Full flush/ Eco flush:

The microwave module senses the flow of water when a man urinates, so the seat ring does not fall down.

• Avoid traditional time settings and the embarrassment of suddenly falling into the trap.

• Can identify large and small flushes, and automatically realize small flushes after leaving, 

achieving environmental protection and water conservation.

Innovative flushing methods

In summary, smart toilets offer a range of flushing methods, including drying flush, power off flush, 

auto-flush,remote control flush, foot sensor flush,and Full flush/ Eco flush

These smart features not only enhance user experience and convenience but also cater to individual preferences.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more diverse and intelligent flushing methods for smart toilets, 

further enhancing the convenience and comfort of our daily lives.

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