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Wealwell 'e foam function' to Protect Your Health

2024-04-25 17:40

Bathrooms are often a neglected area of the home, 

but keeping them clean and comfortable is vital to the health and well-being of family members. 

Wealwell smart toilets provide high-quality solutions that effectively solve bathroom odor, 

cleaning and antibacterial problems through innovative technology. 

Protect the hygiene and health of the whole family.

foam layer smart toilet

As living standards rise, people have higher expectations for hygiene standards. 

Bathrooms not only need to be clean but also maintain a comfortable environment. 

We recognize that traditional toilets have issues such as splashing, odors, and dirt, 

whereas Wealwell Smart Toilet addresses these challenges with its innovative Foam Shield(e-foam function) technology.

intelligent toilet funtions

Foam Shield technology (e foam function)is an optional upgrade feature of Wealwell smart toilets. 

When the user uses the toilet, the smart toilet automatically activates the foam shield function to generate dense foam 

to clean the toilet and cover the water surface, effectively isolating odors, bacteria and splashes, thereby improving hygiene standards.

luxury toilet

In addition, smart toilets use anti-splash technology to prevent bacterial rebound and ensure a more hygienic toilet experience. 

The foam forms a cushioning layer on the water surface, reducing splashing and preventing the spread of bacteria, 

providing a safer toileting environment for your family.

foam layer smart toilet

Smart toilets reduce the burden of cleaning. 

The foam has a lubricating function, adheres to the toilet bowl, prevents dirt from adhering, 

and is easy to flush, reducing cleaning frequency and improving quality of life.

intelligent toilet funtions

The upgraded functionality of Wealwell smart toilets (E foam) provides a simple and effective solution 

to improve hygiene standards and create a healthier and more comfortable home environment.

Choose Wealwell smart toilet and upgrade your bathroom experience immediately!

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