factory show

Production workshop

Wealwell production equipment 

Mold Center

Self-owned mold workshop is conducive to shortening the mold opening cycle, improving development efficiency, improving mold precision, 

maintaining mold life, and escorting customers' new product launch cycle.



Central feeding system

The central automatic feeding is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which is beneficial to reduce dust and blanking in the workshop, 

ensure that raw materials are free from pollution, and improve product qualification rate and product quality.


Injection workshop

Take the lead in introducing international advanced automatic injection molding technology and equipment, 

and continue to improve injection molding processing precision and production efficiency, making product quality more controllable and stable.



Smart toilet assembly workshop

Continuously upgrade the intelligent assembly workshop to improve production efficiency, 

ensure product quality, and ensure stable delivery cycles for customers.


Smart toilet aging test line

The aging test assembly line has the advantages of convenient operation, friendly test environment, and high test efficiency. 

It ensures the quality of the products and is responsible for each product.


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