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Advanced features of Wealwell U series luxury toilets

2024-03-14 16:15

Make life smarter and hygiene more comfortable - Wealwell U series smart toilets are newly launched! 

In addition to a series of common functions of smart toilets

there are also many surprising innovative functions that bring a new experience to your life.

luxury smart toilet

In this U series of products, the 3 core components independently developed by Wealwell have been completely upgraded, 

with stronger power and more stable performance. 

The power board provides stronger, safer, and more durable power support.

The center board introduces a new chip with more powerful computing power, richer functions, 

and smoother human-computer interaction.

The adapter board design is simpler, more stable, and requires less consumables. 

Let you enjoy the convenience brought by the smart toilet without any worries.

Wealwell toilets

intelligent toilet

In terms of cleaning, spiral water washing technology is used to make the cleaning area larger and the user experience more comfortable. 

In terms of flushing, the intelligent soft flush mode recognizes the intensity of ambient light based on the light sensor module, 

and automatically adjusts the flushing rate and duration. 

It flushes strongly during the day and flush softly at night, 

meeting the needs of different time periods and giving you considerate care.

luxury smart toilet

Especially for the needs of men, the urinating method has been upgraded. 

When the microwave module senses when a man urinates, 

it can avoid suddenly dropping the toilet seat and automatically implement a small flush after leaving, 

achieving environmental protection and water conservation. 

At the same time, the men's pee foam cloud function prevents bacteria, urine, and odor from splashing, allowing men to enjoy more care.

Wealwell toilets

intelligent toilet

In addition, the intelligent identification function of leaving the seat uses the seat sensing module + timing algorithm

to automatically perform large/small flushing after leaving the seat, which is more environmentally friendly and water-saving. 

In addition, the unique circle-turning related function can realize bubble injection, 

and the remote control can be selected to turn it off to meet your personalized needs.

luxury smart toiletWealwell toilets

Wealwell U series smart toilets are not only sanitary equipment, but also a lifestyle experience. 

Wealwell smart toilet allows technology to empower life and intelligence to change the future.

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