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Why are smart toilets becoming more and more popular?

2023-03-14 17:56

As consumers' demand for refined and intelligent home decoration increases, 

smart toilets have gradually become consumers' favorite bathroom products. 

Since 2022, the sales data of smart toilets has been particularly eye-catching in major e-commerce festivals.

smart toilet

Due to its unique product functions, 

smart toilets can meet consumers' healthy and high-quality life needs 

and accelerate the process of replacing traditional toilets.

sanitary ware toilets

Smart toilets are an important part of the smart bathroom industry. 

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of various production processes, 

the product innovation of smart toilets has also continued to advance. 

Since November 2022, Chinese smart bathroom manufacturers have accelerated the pace of new product releases. 

Among them Focusing on new smart toilet products, 

the market share of new smart toilet products has reached more than 90%.

Wealwell also have a new smart toilet and smart toilet seat in 2022.

intelligent toilet

Useful functions,

Competitive price.

smart toilet

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