One Touch Warm Air Drying Foot Induction Smart Toilet

  • Wealwell
  • China
  • 2-4week
  • 10000 per/month

Foot induction flush , No touch , Reduce bacterial exposure.
Warm air dryer , no longer afraid of cold.

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Model No.: YCB93GVoltage:220V /110V
Water pressure: 0.12-0.8MpaS-trap:300/400mm

Warm air drying toilet

1.Rear wash2.Warm air drying3.Instant heating
4.Seat temp adjustment
5.Front  wash6.Moving cleanse7.Super siphonic flush
8.Air temp adjustment
9.Power-off flush10.Soft night light11.Sensor flushing
12.Water pressure adjustment
13.Children cleanse
14 .Auto flush
15.Soft slow down seat
16.Foot induction flush
17.One Touch Auto18.Nozzle cleaning
19.Energy-saving mode
20.Electric leakage protection
21.Remote control flush22.Air pump boost23.Super siphoni flush24.Cold-and-warm massage

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