Women's menstrual care, relieve menstrual stickiness and discomfort. Smart washing and care, say goodbye to difficult wiping, constipation troubles, and bacteria breeding health hazards.
Night light intelligent toilet,when you go to the toilet in the night, automatically light up the soft night light for you,you are not afraid of the dark.
Automatic flip toilet seat and toilet lid,When you approache the toilet cover for 1 meter, the toilet cover automatically opens, and when you leave the smart toilet for 5 minutes, the toilet cover automatically closes.

  • Wealwell
  • guangdong
  • 2-4 weeks
  • 10,000 pieces per month
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automatic self cleaning toilet

                  Model No.: YCB87G/GE

Water pressure: 0.12-0.8Mpa
Voltage:220V /110V
Material: ceramic
Brand: WEALWELL , accept OEM/ODM
Size: L 682 * W 403 * H 483  mm
N.W/G.W: 37.9/42.9KGS
Ctn Size: 780*490*665 mm

  Basic Function:

      1.Rear/Front cleanse             

      2. Female cleanse

      3. Moving cleanse

      4.Instant heating


      6.Warm Air drying      

      7.Heated Seat

      8.Night light

      9.Energy-saving mode

     10. Foot induction flushing

11.Seat temperature adjustment

12.Smart knob

13.Nozzle self-cleaning

14.Electric leakage protection

15.low temperature burns prevention

16.Super siphonic flush

17.Auto flush

18.Power-off flush

19.Damping slow down seat

20.Automatic open/close(GE model)

  Optional Function:

     1. UV sterilization         

        2.No water pressure limitation


One spin and one press can easily realize multiple functions 

such as cleaning, drying, gear adjustment and so on.

night light intelligent toilet


Female cleanse


Front cleanse

Short press for 3 seconds:

Warm Air drying      

Short press when there is no cleaning and drying:


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