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New Arriva LED Display Screen Smart Toilet: YCB94G

2022-08-31 14:37

High-definition display, temperature at a glance

Instant hot wash, streamlined design, classic small V-shaped contour smart toilet

Display screen smart toilet

low water pressure smart toilet

LED display

Real-time temperature monitoring

Humanized design, convenient for the elderly and children to use.

The toilet experience is displayed in real time, and the data indicators are clearly visible at a glance.

Cost-effective smart toilet

Multiple useful functions

Foam cloud + odor blocking bend

Double deodorant protection against splashing water

The dense foam layer covers the surface of the water seal, effectively avoiding splashing water,

Dirt adhesion, with the design of deepening the odor isolation bend, completely prevent the odor from volatilizing,

Clean and sterilize to create a healthier life for your family.

Display screen smart toilet


Low Water Pressure Super Vortex Impulse System

The sunken water tank design does not take up space

No water pressure control, this smart toilet can be used on both high and low floors

Solve your choice troubles

low water pressure smart toilet

Intelligent washing with multiple cleaning modes

Double waterway design, more hygienic and safe

Various cleaning modes,

Multiple gears can be adjusted to meet the different requirements of family members.

Cost-effective smart toilet

Super Vortex Siphon Jet

Strong sewage discharge without leaving marks

Under the action of the height difference, the water flow spirally accelerates downward to form a strong 360° impulse, 

which realizes the efficient and rapid sewage discharge of the toilet.

Display screen smart toilet

Foot feel flushing upgrade, humanized intelligent flushing, free your hands

Intelligent induction, trigger flush switch to flush automatically

Realize the whole process of smart toilet without touch, 

which is convenient for men to flush after urinating

low water pressure smart toilet

Heated toilet seat

The toilet seat is heated as a whole, the temperature is uniform, and it will not burn

The ergonomic toilet seat can feel comfortable even when going to the toilet in the cold winter.

Cost-effective smart toilet

Skin friendly warm air drying

The smart toilet uses temperature-adjustable warm air drying technology to send warm air to the buttocks and groin,

Let your skin quickly clean and refresh, instead of traditional toilet paper, more environmentally friendly.

Display screen smart toilet

Soft night lighting

Illuminate the journey of the night

low water pressure smart toilet

Odor and bacteria removal

Decompose ozone components and reduce toilet odor

Ensure family health and safety

Cost-effective smart toilet

Instant heat technology Constant temperature water

Water filtration and utilization Dual water channels

The frequency conversion constant temperature heating system is used to continuously 

and stably inject fresh living water to avoid stagnant water from breeding bacteria.

Display screen smart toilet

Equipped with wireless remote control

Flexible adjustment of various modes

Wealwell YCB94G is equipped with a wireless remote control,

A variety of panel functions are clear at a glance,

Users can adjust the water temperature, water pressure, cleaning and other functions.

low water pressure smart toilet

Ipx4 waterproof

Wet bathrooms need to pay more attention to the safety of electricity use. 

The body adopts waterproof technology to escort your bathroom life.

Cost-effective smart toilet

Display screen smart toilet

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