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Three-dimensional Design Smart Toilet-Wealwell CU15

2024-01-18 16:57

As a professional supplier in the field of smart toilets,

Wealwell has been developing and producing healthier and more convenient products, 

eager to bring users a more intelligent and advanced bathroom experience.

Now launching CU15 smart toilet with three-dimensional design aesthetics

modern design

1. The CU15 smart toilet adopts a large button design to bring customers safety and comfort;

2. The IMD technology on the side of the smart toilet and the design of gradient light-transmitting ambient light, 

turning off and on can bring a dynamic aesthetic experience.

3. The raised tail of CU15 gives the product a three-dimensional appearance.

The unique highlight functions of CU15 smart toilet are Button gradient ambient lighting, Gesture flip the seat, 

Men's urination sensor, and flushing without water pressure limit.

intelligent toilet

Wealwell toilet


Upgrade model: Automatic open/close

Top model: Automatic open/close model + UV sterilization + Gesture microwave

Optional function: No water pressure limit/ Built-in e foam

  • Pre-wet

  • Enema

  • Hot&cold SPA

  • Rear cleanse

  • Front cleanse

  • Moving cleanse

  • Instant Heating

  • Heated seat

  • Seating sensor

  • One touch

  • Oxygen-enriched soft cleanse

  • Night light

  • Ambient Light

  • Auto flush

  • Foot sensor flush 

  • Remote control

  • Power off flush 

  • Full/Eco flush

  • Super siphonic flush

  • Energy saving mode

  • Self-cleaning nozzle

  • Nozzle cleaning

  • Smart button 

  • Remote control

  • Warm air drying

  • LED display

  • Dual memory user-defined

  • Seat temperature adjustment

  • Water pressure adjustment

  • Tube position adjustment 

  • Water temperature adjustment

  • Wind temperature adjustment

Seat/Water/Wind temperature overheating protection

Seat temperature low temperature protection

Water shortage alert, Plug leakage protection

Automatic open/close model optional function

Gesture microwave(Men's urine sensor flush, Gesture Microwave flip)

Light sensing silent flushing,Mini remote control

Gesture microwave

Flip the toilet seat with gestures by waving left and right - up and down

modern design

The microwave module senses the flow of water when a man urinates, and the seat ring does not fall.

• Avoid traditional time settings and the embarrassment of suddenly falling.

• Can identify Full flush/Eco flush, and automatically realize Eco flushes after leaving.

intelligent toilet

CU15 uses core components independently developed by Wealwell

which has stronger adaptability and is smoother and more comfortable to use.

  • Power strip: more powerful, safer and more durable.

  • Center board: Introducing a new chip, with more powerful computing power, richer functions, and smoother human-computer interaction..

  • Adapter board: fewer consumables, simpler and more stable.

Wealwell toilet

modern design

Wealwell One Piece smart toilet CU15 is a recommended smart toilet product.

It not only has a number of advanced intelligent functions and powerful core components,

And Wealwell's strict quality management system ensures product reliability and stability.

Choose Wealwell, choose the new smart toilet product full of modern technology - CU15.

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