One-touch LED Night Light Remote Control Smart Toilet

  • Wealwell
  • guangdong
  • 2-4 weeks
  • 10,000 pieces per month

A variety of panel options to meet different needs.
IMD process, make what you need
Instant hot wash, streamlined design, classic small V-shaped profile.
LED display smart toilet,the toilet experience is displayed in real time,
and the data indicators are clearly visible at a glance.

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LED display smart toilet

           Model No.: YCB92G


Basic Function:

      1.Rear/Front cleanse             

      2. Female cleanse

      3. Moving cleanse

      4.Instant heating


      6.Warm Air drying      

      7.Heated Seat

      8.Night light

      9.Energy-saving mode

     10. Foot induction flushing

11.Seat temperature adjustment

12.Smart knob

13.Nozzle self-cleaning

14.Electric leakage protection

15.low temperature burns prevention

16.Super siphonic flush

17.Auto flush

18.Power-off flush

19.Damping slow down seat

20.LED display

  Optional Function:

     1. UV sterilization         

        2.No water pressure limitation


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