One Piece Gesture Automatic Flip Intelligent Toilet

  • Wealwell
  • Guangdong
  • 2-4 weeks
  • 1,000 pieces per month

Description: CU13 Smart toilet
Size: 710X395X470mm
Roughing-in: 305/400mm
Rated voltage: 110V/220V-
Rated power: 1050W
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Wateproof level: IPX4
Heating method: Instant heat
Flushing method:Super siphonic flush
Electric shock protection category: Class 1

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automatic smart bidet

gesture automatic flip toilet

Upgrade model:Automatic open/close

Top model: Automatic open/close model + UV sterilization + Gesture microwave

Optional function: No water pressure limit/ Built-in e foam

Main Function
  1. Instant Heating

  2. Enema

  3. Rear cleanse

  4. Front cleanse

  5. Moving cleanse

  6. Oxygen-enriched soft cleanse

  7. Hot & cold SPA

  8. Heated seat

  9. Pre-wet

  10. Seating sensor

11. Warm air drying

12. Night light

13. Foot sensor flush

14. Remote control

15. Power off flush

16. Auto flush

17. Full/Eco flush

18. Super siphonic flush

19. Energy saving mode

20. Self-cleaning nozzle

21. Nozzle cleaning

22.One touch

23.Seat temperature adjustment

24.Tube position adjustment

25.Water pressure adjustment

26.Water temperature adjustment

27.Wind temperature adjustment

28.Smart button

29.Remote control

30.Ambient Light

31.LED display

32.Dual memory user-defined

Automatic open and close model optional function

Gesture microwave(Men's urine sensor flush,Gesture Microwave flip)

Light sensing silent flushing

Safety protection

Seat temperature overheating protection

Water temperature overheating protection

Wind temperature overheating protection

Seat temperature low temperature protection

Water shortage alert

Plug leakage protection


one piece automatic toilet

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